Customer Service

586 Event Group invites you to book with confidence knowing we use many quality control measures for all of our offered services. We make ourselves available to your schedule and are known in the wedding industry for the relationships we carry with our couples. Inquire early so that we can offer you dates and options to see our team perform. 

Current DJs & Musicians

586 Event Group takes pride in the small select group of DJs and musicians we employ. Currently our team consists of 25+ members. This allow us to adapt to you and your guest's musical needs and still bring a personal touch every time. After meeting with you, we hand select the right DJ and musicians to fit your wedding day. 

Take the time to review multiple DJ companies and meet them in person. Picking entertainment is just as important as booking your venue! Don’t only trust online information, our DJ's and musicians have strong roots and foundations in the community.

Proper Equipment

Insured, industry leading equipment allows us to meet any demand from our customers. Backup equipment is always on hand offering you piece of mind.


It's more than our full time job. 586 Event Group creates memorable events and have built a brand that couples recognize and recommend with confidence to their friends. We are musicians, producers, and engineers that know our craft.

Proper Attire


We demand our team members to maintain an image that is level with our brand, therefore allowing you to express what attire is expected from our DJs on your big day.

(We are there to blend in and not stand out)

No Cheap Ads or Soliciting

We are hired by you and work for you. We are not there to advertise or solicit to your guests.

If you have any questions or concerns, our planners will plan every last detail with you before your big day!